Hello! Welcome to Dr. Yamamoto's Web Site from Japan. This site is dedicated with hearty welcome to his foreign guests who are not as yet familiar with Japanese language and to our friends abroad who do not speak Japanese, especially for those who are planning to visit Hida Province, the north half of Gifu Prefecture, Japan, which is his home town.

For the last few decades, sight-seeing visitors to Hida Province from abroad have been increasing rapidly, and according to newspapers the number was more than 80,000 in only one year in the year 2005. Unfortunately, however, there are very few English web sites which describe Hida Province and its Takayama City (Hida-Takayama), which is located in the center of the province. But he is very happy to list such precious sites below.

His decision to write this page is, therefore, to help you well understand the city and the province through English language. Some of the readers may be, he hopes, his acquaintances in The Unites States.