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This page is dedicated with hearty welcome to our foreign guests who are not as yet familiar with Japanese language and to our friends abroad who do not speak Japanese.

<< URGENT NI|OTICE >> Dr. Yoshiko Yamamamoto, the codirector and an otolaryngologist of our office, suffered from a disease called "aortic dissection" suddenly while working on 2017/02/15. Fortunately enough, an immediate emergency operation went quite successfuly, but she has to be hospitalized for weeks. Thus Dr. Shuhei Yamamoto, the director, apologizes that her office section is temporalily closed.



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Director : Shuhei Yamamoto, M.D.
Co-director : Yoshiko Yamamoto, M.D.
address : zip 509-0257 Nagasaka 1-87-2, Kani City, Japan
phone no.. : 0574 65-1919
fax no.. : 0574-65-0557, based on Microsoft 2000 fax Server for small business
e-mail address (to Dr. Shuhei Yamamoto): yamamoto@ma.ctk.ne.jp. If you hope to write him a confidential e-mail, please feel free to use his PGP public key. iPlease click here and save.j

Business Hours (JST, which is 9 hours ahead of GMT) : Mon., Wed., and Fri.; 9:00-12:00 and 15:00-19:00, Tues. 9:00-12:00, Sat ; 9:00-12:30. (Please beware !!) Tues. PM is off : and Thurs., Sun., and Japanese Holidays (i.e., 1/1-3, 2/15, 4/28, 5/1, 5/5, 7/21. 9/10, 10/10, 11/3, 12/23) are off throughout 24 hours.

Reservation : Please do not hesitate to call us or mail Director Yamamoto himself in English : first, our staffs, all native Japanese, may tell you to hold on, and next, he will be happy to assist you, who may not be familiar with Japanese language.

Insurance covered : those issued by Japanese Ministry only. For its detail, please phone 0574-62-1111, Kani Municipal Office. We will be happy to issue, if so needed, the necessary English certificate of your medical fee.

Official Language : Japanese, English, Germany (in part), Brazilian (in part), and Portuguese (in part). For other languages please accompany an interpreter of yours to ours. Dr. Yamamoto had once worked as a medical doctor at VA Medical Center in Buffalo, NY. He was then not only a doctor but also a patient with eye disease and knows well how important it is to take special care of people with language barrier.
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Dr. Shuhei Yamamoto : internal medicine in general. He is a board certified physician titled Fellow of The Japanese Society of Internal Medicine, and Fellow of Japanese Circulation Society. Furthermore, he is a ECFMG Awardee in 1980, and is the Merck Sharp and Dohme International Fellow in Clinical Pharmacology 1986-88, while on leave from Nagoya University Medical School.

Dr. Yoshiko Yamamoto : oto-rhino-laryngology from neonates, infants, school ages, to aged patients. She is a board certified physician titled Fellow of The Oto-rhino-laryngology Society of Japan, Inc. and Fellow of Japan Broncho-esophagological Society
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Location :700 meters south-west of Nishikani Station of Hiromi Line of Meitetsu Railroad Company. or 300 meters east of Katabira Primary School, Kani City. If you come by train, then use Meitetsu Hiromi line. Stop at Nishikani Station. Our clinic is about 700 meters south-west of the station and is only 10-min. additional walk from the station.

If you come by car, first go to Nishikani Station and then find the map of our clinic at the rotary spot. parking space : 20-30 car spaces available.

œour large-area map


š denotes our clinic.
"Ό‰ΒŽ™‰w" means Nishikani Station of Meitetsu Line.
"‘“Ή‚S‚P†ό" means the National Road named Route-41.
"›ηŽq¬" means Katabira Primary School.
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œour detailed map


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Sashichi's Web Site for Hida Dialect
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