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NcCheckerJ272 for USB

[Simple Manual Down Load]



1 OSP-P200L  Simple Manual Collision Avoidance  
2 OSP-E100L  Simple  Manual  MacTurn250W  
3 OSP-P200L  Simple  Manual  Standard Ver.2.5  
4 KATAKANA Table  

[Software Down Load]



1 NcConverter Ver.2.02 Setup.exe for install
2 NcChecker Ver.2.38 Setup.exe for install
3 NcPen Ver.2.00 Character cutting program
4 T-Thread Ver.1.10 Thread cutting program
5 NcCommenter Ver.2.38 Setup.exe for install
6 NcEditor Ver.2.76 Setup.exe for install
7 Print Screen Ver.116 Screen capture for OSP-P200    (Free)


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NcTools for android



  NC-Program edit and simulation of NC-Lathe.


Function: Check of the decimal point for FANUC.




Convert FANUC to OSP, Unit change, etct.


The program to process a trapezoid screw can make it.


The program to sculpture a character can make it.


[The feature and a function ] 

- This software is mainly an editor for NC program for lathes of OKUMA CORP. 
- There is also a help of a G/M code system variable, a mnemonic, etc. 
- As well as lathe processing, processes other than lathe processings, such as punching and measurement, are also automatic, and can be created. 
- A material form program is automatic and can create. 
- An addition and arrangement of a sequence number can be performed. 
- Two or more files open simultaneously. 
- Based on a four-operations type, package change can do various data, such as X, Y, Z, C, S, and SB. Thereby, movement of the origin, expansion of data, reduction, change of a unit, etc. can be performed simply. 
- While calculation of the circle which touches the intersection of two straight lines and two straight lines checks by the graphic, it can do simply. 


[The feature and a function ] 

- This software can print various data, such as NC program and a robot program by OKUMA CORP., with description .
- Read existing NC program and an existing data file, change intelligibly a G code, the M code system variable, a mnemonic, etc. into Japanese (correspondence also into English is possible), and express an original file and an original comment sentence as a part rate screen simultaneously. 
- Carry out the part rate also of the print-out, and it prints both. The file chisel after an original file and original conversion can also be printed. 
- Save the comment sentence after conversion as another file, and reading is possible in Excel etc. 
- Since description is displayed on real time whenever it inputs NC program by the conversion function at any time, an input mistake uses also as an editor for understanding NC program beginners immediately. 
- It can be used also as a dictionary of NC language. Retrieval of a G code, the M code, a system variable, etc. can be performed in a Japanese input. 
- An original dictionary can be drawn up by dictionary file creation / change function. 
- The lathe, machining center, and grinder of OKUMA CORP. have a nearly perfect dictionary file, and, also as for other control units, a standard G/M code already has a registered dictionary file. 
- Conversion of a G/M code can be performed between each maker's control units by drawing up an original dictionary. 

Example: M99-> RTS, M98->CALL .

The StopWatch

[The feature and a function ] 

- This software is the stop watch which can be measured to that noted 1 / 100 seconds .
- The time of a number many can be recorded on a text and it can copy to Excel etc. 
- Since more than one can be started, many measurement can be performed in once. 


[The feature and a function ] 

- This software is the software which takes in the data from NC to PC through RS232C, and writes in arbitrary Application software, such as Excel .
- The inside of a plane by the side of NC -- all data (it changes with machine specifications), such as the number of processings, body temperature, etc. for every measurement data, outside-the-plane measurement data, compensation data, and tool, are made as for writing to Excel etc. with a free format .
- Since the date and time when data were outputted can be written in, processing managements, such as processing time and the total number of processings on the 1st, can be performed. 
- The surveillance of data is always made also from the place from which Excel was separated by sharing on a network. 
- Even if it is doing the work of others [ PC ], change from NC to application specified that data are sent, and write in data. 

Cam Thread

[The feature and a function ] 

- This software is the software for creating a cam form data CAF file, in order to process a rope screw and a trapezoid screw with the cam lathe by OKUMA CORP. 

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